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Frequently Asked Questions...

What do I need to join or watch?

Have you had any accidents?

I have (fill in the blank) physical problem/disability -- can I still participate?

Why aren't the Officers' e-mail addresses hotlinked on the Officers & Contact Info page?

Why do I get a "Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing" when I call your phone number?

I have only one (or two) gun(s), but I want to shoot/join your group. What can I do?

Do I have to wear authentic 1880s "Cowboy" Outfits?

Balanced Rock Regulators' Membership cards

Can my kids shoot Cowboy Action in your group?

What do I need to join or watch...

A pair of $2 ear plugs and some eye protection -- but we can also loan you some. When I came to my first shoot, everyone was nice and welcoming. After some questions, I was "assigned" to Dingoman who shared many things in common with me -- including some of my physical limitations since my car accident. He explained how scenarios worked and went through what I called "Weaponry and Safety 101" with me.

Everyone was quick to loan me their weapons and explain their history and workings and in one day I tried several dozen gun types and calibers. I quickly discovered what I did like and more importantly -- did NOT like and did NOT feel comfortable with. Over the next year and a half, as I saved money I bought the weapons that I did like and as per the "Cowboy Way" people continued to loan me their weapons until I had a full set. I could tell you the specifics of what I currently use -- but you can see them on the Range or in action at any museum event.

In short, you do not need to buy the outfits nor the guns before you start out in Cowboy Action Shooting. In fact, I recommend that you find out what you like before you put the money out -- it's a lot easier than trying to sell a gun that you dislike and then buy something you do like! You do not need to buy ammo before attending -- we can loan you some SASS approved ammo. As most of us reload our own ammo, it is relatively cheap. Note: SASS does NOT allow; high power, high power rifle, military, jacketed, steel ammo or high based shotgun ammo -- just "soft" lead.

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Have you had any accidents...

Nope. In the long history (almost two decades) of the group (in its various incarnations) we are very proud that we have NOT had an accident during our monthly or regional shoots. We are sticklers for safety -- and we do have medical kits ready. We have a lot of rules -- but you can't argue with our results. Here are some of them; 1) Loaded weapons only in the bay at the loading and unloading tables and the shooting line. 2) Don't break the 170 degree rule. 3) Shoot only approved ammo. 4) Shoot weapons that you are comfortable with. 5) Put the right ammo in the right weapon. 6) Don't shoot over the berms. 7) Don't shoot under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Basic safety stuff.

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I have (fill in the blank) physical problem/disability -- can I still participate...

YES! Unlike the guys in medieval armor who are out there with rattan swords, this is one of the great things about the various forms of Cowboy Action Shooting -- some of us have physical limitations and most can be worked around so that people can still shoot and have fun. Without naming names, we have members who have everything from rebuilt knees and backs to Parkinsons, being blind in one eye and recovering from cancer.

As an example, I have a screwed up back, neck and left hand due to a car accident that wasn't my fault -- my 16 years in the SCA (medieval armor and archery) were effectively ended in less than 16 seconds. SASS allows and works around those limitations. I pretty much spent a year and some hiding in a basement 22/7 before I was introduced to SASS. I quickly found out that "full power" shotgun loads hurt my back and put me in a cold sweat -- so I was introduced to a lighter load (dubbed the "Ernie Load") that made AA Featherlights look military powerful. I also found out that the recoil from some pistol/rifle calibers were also not pleasant to deal with -- enter the "Ernie Load" again. There are some SASS members in other groups who are on motorized scooter chairs (and yes we do help them maneuver through the gravel).

When you attend, please let us know if you have any limitations so we don't hand you a full power shotgun load. However, for safety's sake we do require that you have your medications regulated before attending.

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Why aren't the Officers' e-mail addresses hotlinked on the Officers & Contact Info page...

This is a method of cutting down on spam. Most Spambots are programmed to look for hotlinked e-mail addys -- if they are not hotlinked, 85% of 'bots pass by and ignore the info. We're not interested in having our e-mail boxes filled with bogus snake oils, lotions, potions or adult toys! You'll have to *gasp* manually type in the officer's e-mail address -- after all, this is a group that celebrates the Old West!

Web 101 -- "Hotlinked" means that you can click on the addy and your e-mail program opens up with the address already entered. The "" that appears in the boilerplate below is an example. "Spambots" and "Addy Harvesters" are programs that are meant to scavenge e-mail addresses from web sites -- by the way, isn't also interesting that we now treat lines of computer code as a form of a living entity? Get the ammo because Cylons, SkyNet and George Orwell's future here we come!

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Why do I get a "Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing" when I call your phone number...

This is the main phone number for the vice president and the secretary. Contrary to popular belief, we don't wear the outfits and shoot guns all the time. We do have lives outside of Cowboy Action Shooting and the Balanced Rock Regulators.

When calling, be brave... ask for Bobcat or Kitty, or say you're interested in SASS, or Cowboy Action Shooting. Heck, there are people out there who only know us as "Bobcat" or "Kitty" and couldn't tell you our real names if you tortured them... a lot. Anyone who answers a phone at Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing knows what's going on... and will have an answer... or be able to direct you to someone who does!

The Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing phones are answered in the evening and mornings too. However, don't be surprised that if I do answer the phone at 3AM we are less than coherent and mildly irritated and expecting a good reason -- "just getting off work" does NOT qualify -- and all lines do have Caller ID. -- Answered by Bobcat Tepes.

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I have only one (or two) gun(s), but I want to shoot/join your group. What can I do?

The Balanced Rock Regulators are not a rabid competition group. That's where the "Camaraderie & Spirit of the Game" part comes in on our mission statement. We want to see you out at the range and at our events. We have NEVER said "come back later."

As per the "Cowboy Way", we always let people borrow gun leather and weapons and ammo at Balanced Rock Regulators events/shoots so that they can join in the fun. Personally, I borrowed various weapons for a year and a half until I found what I liked, and I recommend that all new shooters do that too.

Just recently, we had a new member join who wasn't comfortable with bigger and heavier weapons. Currently, she shoots as her six-guns, a Ruger .22 single six with low velocity long rifle rounds and is temporarily using her .38 police service revolver (in SA mode) as her other pistol. At our shoots, she is borrowing a double barrel shotgun and a lever action rifle, using low velocity cowboy ammo.

Another new member is basing his "SASS persona" on his grandfather who was an immigrant farmer who kept stepping in briefly as his little town's law and order. For cowboy shoots, he is using the actual revolver and 1908 single barreled 12 gauge shotgun that his grandfather used. At shoots, he borrows another revolver and a lever action rifle -- since his grandfather's .30-30 is too powerful for cowboy steel target shooting. He understands that he has to do extra reloading of the single barreled shotgun during competitions (which effects his speed/time) -- which is just fine with him, as he is getting to use his grandfather's weapons.

For a while, I used our family's old Model 31 pump shotgun until I decided that for competition and re-enactments I preferred double barreled mule earred shotguns instead of anything that might be in the 1897 pump shotgun family.

We are willing to help and accomodate. Please remember, we are roughly 1850s - 1900 revolvers, shotguns and carbines. The major things that we object to are "semi-auto" or "full auto" or "military" or "high brassed/copper" in either guns or ammo. Under NO stretch of the imagination is a M16 or a .45 Desert Eagle or Armor Piercing/Incendary Rounds "cowboy", nor are they "safe" on small bays using steel targets.

Please also read our other FAQ that applies to this question, What do I need to join or watch...

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Do I have to wear authentic 1880s "Cowboy" outfits?...

The outfits and personnas are part of the "game." Actually, SASS national has "costume contests" that range from authentic to "fantasy." We do not require you to go 100% authentic. But we do ask that you participate in the "Spirit of the Game."

While some members go "authentic" including "Bordello Dresses" and the "Funny Trousers," other go "minimal." The minimum costume is blue jeans, a long sleeved shirt, cowboy boots or other leather footwear (non-tennis shoes) and a cowboy hat. Costume requirements are waived for first time shooters.

Most of the stuff can be found in either your closet or modified through your local department store. We have members who ransack their closets, others who go to Wal-Mart or Burlington, to others who buy authentic outfits on-line. And others who either make or have a seamstress make their authentic outfits. Stores that sell "authentic" outfits can be found in our links page.

Obviously take any physical limitations that you have into your personna (which can also be reflected in your shooting style).

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Balanced Rock Regulators' Membership Cards...

Yes. It's true. We are the first SASS chapter in the Intermountain West Region to provide its members with professional membership cards. After years in SASS, Bobcat suggested that we do this when forming a new group for many reasons. The most obvious being; to identify current members, make memberships fair and equitable and for our own record keeping. Never will Balanced Rock Regulator members have to face the dreaded "I joined in November and in January I'm being hit up for the full membership cost again" syndrome or have their memberships dropped mid-year due to record keeping FUBARs. The Balanced Rock Regulator membership card proves your alias, name, number, title, membership expiration date and Saftey/Match Director status (if any).

The membership cards have since become a symbol of Regulator pride and more surprisingly, a second form of "acceptable" I.D. Ironically, grocery stores, banks and the government have accepted them as "official" I.D. (To Bobcat, there's high comedy value in cashing an EE Bond with your Drivers' License number and your Balanced Rock Regulator number.)

Two low resoultion web copies of the President's and the Vice President's Balanced Rock Regulators' membership cards. In reality, they are a laminated credit card sized I.D. printed at 1200 dpi.

Bobcat started referring to them as the Regulators' "Trading Cards." Some members have opted for their pictures to be simply standing against the wall at the North Springs Shooting Range, while others have done more creative photos. One member has posed with her two Golden Retrievers (so there's three in one photo), others have posed with their guns or favorite props, another had a "stoic 1880s profile portrait", one had their photo done in 1930s silver screen sepia. Either we can take your photo (or Bobcat and Kitty can help you do something digitally creative in PhotoShop) or you can provide your own photo. In short, your photo can be whatever you want -- because you're the one who has to carry and show the card for a year.

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Can my kids shoot Cowboy Action in your group?...

We don't know. Can your kids hit the steel targets?

Okay, seriously. Yes, WITH PARENTAL SUPERVISION. The Single Action Shooting Society is a family sport -- so spend time with your kids or grandkids. SASS does allow kids to shoot in their own category -- starting with the "Buckaroo" category (depending on their age) and working up from there. However, we will require a responsible legal guardian to be present with their child/teens. We will not allow children to be dropped off at shoots as a sort of "daycare."

Actually, several world champion shooters (such as "Holy Terror" and "Lead Dispencer") started off as child shooters. In the past, our group has had child shooters (with their gun savvy parents or grandparents present) using .22s or low velocity .38s and .410 shotguns. However, we must stress -- Saftey, Ability, Safety, Follow the Rules, Safety, Fun, and Safety!

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