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The Castle Gate Town...

This page is photo intensive -- it'll take a moment to download. So sit back and take a moment to read about our new range.

We have a new and very expansive cowboy town at the new county gun-range. The Castle Gate Town is nestled in the rear hills of Carbon County's North Springs Shooting Range, just south of Price, Utah. The Castle Gate Town features one and two-story building fronts covering 16 bays, a "buffalo" long-range and a "hospitality shack" with electricity, a full kitchen and much needed bathrooms. It's quite an impressive improvement over our old and much loved range. Unfortunately, our old range lacks basic utilities and a lot of other amenities -- like plumbing and electricity! Our old range has also fallen prey to vandalization.

Our new range is also the biggest cowboy town in the region -- and that includes other states! All total, there are 16 bays with a few long-range side bays. There are many false-fronted bays that allow for scenarios, but there are many steel targets inside -- some of which are reactive.

This range wouldn't exist without the thousands of hours (if not months) of work put in by people like Don Burge and Ernie Bentley. Not only did they have "logistics headaches", but they took more abusive flack than any people should have to. (Who would have thought that requests for heavy weight long-life targets and basic water drainage would cause so many problems... or SueAnn suggesting area historical names for the buildings for that matter!) A lot of the credit also goes to our forward thinking County Commissioners, who -- for multiple reasons -- helped with the North Springs Shooting Range's creation! Hopefully, we'll see the end of our beautiful desert littered with the carcasses of shot up refrigerators, washers, ovens, computers and historical buildings! Special thanks also goes to Carbon County for expanding the North Springs Shooting Range through it's various future stages.

The Balanced Rock Regulators look forward to many years using and promoting the North Springs Shooting Range.

Questions about the North Springs Shooting Range's other venues can be directed to 435-636-3705 or 650-7728.

NOTE: June 2008: Due to the on-going North Springs Shooting Range Soap Opera, accessiblity issues, our stolen property, some major safety hazards due to short bays and lead splash back and the Range Master and his cronies refusing to acknowledge our rights or visitors to the range (even while we have paid for and reserved the Cowboy Town) while making false accusations against us (proven false after an investigation and commissioner hearing) so that the Range Master 'forces the two groups back together into the Posse under his command'... the Balanced Rock Regulators are not currently supporting, endorsing nor using the North Springs Shooting Range!

We are using the Pinnacle Peak Shooting Range while working with a non-profit organization to create a secondary private range.

Our new "hospitality shack" with the church in the background.
Hmmmn. What do I want to rob first, the bank or the post office?
Okay, I could visit the church, stowe my horse at the barn or see if an old enemy needs pluggin' at the barber shop.
One of the nice things about the new range is that there are shaded observation "huts." Spectators can watch in the shade and shooters can avoid the sun.
The shooting bay at the back of a shooting bay. I think I object with lead that you don't acknowledge my land grab.
Balanced Rock Regulators President and Murphy check out the second story of the Magnolia Inn -- unfortunately there aren't any soiled doves on duty!
"I know some people I'd like to stick in here," quips Dingoman. "Hand me the rubber hose, I think I see one of them now!"
Kitty & Bobcat at Caffey's. The real B.F. Caffey played an important part in the real Castle Gate Payroll Robbery of 1897. Someday, Kitty Tetons will write a scenario based on it -- but for now, she's writing book #1 (of 5) on the area!
Waiting for Soiled Doves from the balcony of the Magnolia Inn.

As slush pours from the skies, many a man has watched other men swing from the hangin' stand from inside the jail. Personally, I'd rather be in the Magnolia Inn.
Stargazer saunters along the town's boardwalks, overseeing the final stages of construction.
I wonder if I flash my six-iron if that teller will cough up the loot...
I think there's some varmits at the back of the stable that need eliminatin' -- if'n I could just see them through the fog.
"A rotating outhouse? What will they think of next?" Actually it is a rotating prop (NOT a functional outhouse) that allows shooters to shoot from inside or it or through it.

Kitty Tetons leads a tour of the new range in anticipation of Heritage Week and future county-wide promotional activities.

The Cowboy Long Range. For those in the group who like a challenge -- instead of "gamers" who like the targets at 3 yards or closer.

Kitty inspects the Hospitality Shack, glad that she'll actually have facilities to cook for the group instead of using Bobcat's Burt Gummer methods of power for cooking.

One of the great things about the North Springs Shooting Range is that you are guaranteed some great scenery -- especially as a winter storm slowly rolls into Carbon County.

Balanced Rock Regulators

50 A Street -Helper, Utah 84526
Phone: 1 (435) 472-6666
-Fax: 472-6667

The Balanced Rock Regulators are an LLC.

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Formerly the Castle Gate Posse (or Castlegate Posse), things changed as that group suffered from personality, legal and operational/proceedural issues. In June of 2007, 4 of the 6 Officers resigned from the old Posse and formed the completely SASS sanctioned and fully insured Balanced Rock Regulators, LLC. Operating out of Helper, Utah and using Carbon County's North Springs Shooting Range, the Balanced Rock Regulators operate as... castle gate utah price carbon county posse single action shooting range Helper Utah single action shooting society castle gate shooting price range north springs cowboy action shooting society carbon county north springs SASS price utah north springs castle gate SASS north springs shooting range SASS castle gate cowboy action shooting Helper posse north springs castle gate price utah shooting range SASS posse north springs shooting range Helper carbon county north springs utah