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Otherwise known as who are these fun-loving yahoos...

President and Territorial Govenor

Vice President and Public Relations

Secretary, Hospitality & Historian


Carbon County CAS Founder Emeritus

"Dingoman" SASS#54544 -- President and Territorial Governor...

Insert Story & Background Info here...

Ernie was repeatedly told that he was "as persistant as a dingo" -- a critter that the Austrialians have been unsucessfully trying to eliminate for several hundred years. The nickname stuck.

Reality... Ernie Bentley

email: None. He doesn't use that new fangled technology.
Phone: 435.637.7188

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"Bobcat Tepes" SASS#67108 -- Vice President & Public Relations...

Bobcat Tepes came from a long line of Eastern European Diplomats, after a few (dozen) "indescretions" he was "reassigned" to various far away parts of the world. Eventually he wound up in America where he decided that diplomatic negotiations worked better from behind the barrel of a revolver, and a shotgun, and a derringer or three and maybe another revolver... He currently resides in the desert with Kitty who tries to keep him from sticking railroad spikes into annoying people's body parts.

One of the reasons that he earned the name "Bobcat" was because he is about as diplomatic as a Bobcat with a wounded paw and Vlad Tepes (pronounced TEP-ISH which means "impaler" in Romanian) was one of history's greatest diplomats. His real name of Teply means "servant to the Impaler."

In reality, Darrin Teply is owner of Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing, LLC and has a long and colorful backround in the various news medias, as well as graphic design, marketing, public relations, tourism and medieval weapons. He can usually be found fighting for the fair and equitable survival of Helper and its business community and promoting tourism in Eastern Utah. He can also be found slaving away as a "general dogsbody" at the Western Mining & Railroad Musuem usually in a funny outfit... or else he doesn't get dinner. Ahhh... the life of a diplomat.

When prompted about the difficulties that Cowboy Action Shooting has had in Carbon County, Darrin quotes Harry S. Truman. "I never gave anyone hell. I just told them the truth and they thought it was hell." And with Darrin's journalism background, "truth" involves backup with video and an audio recorder or two.

Phone: 435.472.6666

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"Kitty Tetons" SASS#67109 -- Secretary, Hospitality & Historian...

Kitty Tetons originally hailed from Pennsylvania. The daughter of a Swiss mother and an Italian father, Kitty came from money. Bored with the mundane life of luxury, Kitty moved West and settled into a small ranch with the backdrop of the majestic Teton Mountains. She soon opened a brothel and became a successful madam. It was here that she met the travelling "diplomat" Bobcat Tepes. The two have since moved to the Eastern Utah desert where she has continued her successful business of "hospitality" -- this time with her own saloon.

Kitty was given her name by Stargazer who thought she resembled a Miss Kitty from Dodge City, Kansas. The Tetons part is self explanitory as she resided next to them in Wyoming -- her curvy figure has nothing to do with it -- really!

In reality, SueAnn Martell is the director of the Western Mining & Railroad Museum in Helper. A certified Old West (particularly outlaws) and railroad freak, SueAnn can be found chasing trains and giving guided walking and driving tours when she isn't out on the gun range or doing historical re-enactments. She is currently "pleasantly surprised" from the fact that SASS members have come from as far away as Eastern Nebraska to pose with her in photos at Heritage Week festivities.

Being an expert of "localized" Old West -- she has also signed a multi-book deal on local history, outlaws, railroads and mines. The first book -- Rails Around Helper -- came out September 3, 2007. Her second book is in production right now.

Phone: 435.472.6666

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"Arthur Nony Mouse" SASS#????? -- Treasurer...

A. Nony Mouse wishes to remain ANONYMOUS at this time, until certain Carbon County SASS situations are cleaned up and they don't have to worry about harrassment.

Name - history!

In reality, history.

email: to be listed later...

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"Stargazer" SASS#7491 -- Carbon County CAS Founder Emeritus...

Insert Story & Background Info here...

In cowboy lingo a "Stargazer" is a horse that is forced to stare skyward, because if it looks at the ground -- its rider kicks it. While Don has many a scar from so-called friends he also enjoys the hobby of star gazing and has lectured at and hosted many star gazing parties.

In his other life, Don Burge is a retired dinosaur museum director. He is a kind of "father figure" to all of the area's shooting sports and was instrumental in the creation of the North Springs Shooting Complex. Carbon County Cowboy Action Shooting was formed when Don became tired with the repetitive nature of IPSC shooting -- so he started wearing cowboy clothes and then later shooting IPSC with cowboy weapons. For over 15 years Don has maintained the world's record in primitive and medieval archery.

Phone: 435.637.2275

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-Fax: 472-6667

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