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The Wire!September 2007...

Subject: The Wire!: Balanced Rock Regulators' September 2007 Newsletter...
Date: Tue, Sep 11, 2007 9:22 am
To: autosendmaillist <>

From The Wire!

August 18, 2007... People canceled as other area events took priority, which was good because the skies opened up and dumped astounding amounts of water (proving almost every prediction that Dingoman and I ever made) causing the new range to flood and earthen sections and buffalo targets to be washed away blocking the drainage pipes which then caused further problems. The photos still haven't been downloaded -- but will be available soon. And buried somewhere in the knee deep mud is my Leatherman Wave. So the few there at the shoot declared that day a practice session and didn't charge Regulator Shoot fees. We're trying to figure out how to get a restraining order on rain for the next shoot! No life preservers or make-shift rafts were harmed in the production of this shoot.

-=> Scores 'n' stuff for August weren't counted as we just shot and talked and did the occasional demo. Previous club info and scores can be found and downloaded at I guess at this point, I should brag that to date, we've had 1513 unique page visits to our website -- roughly averaging 216 per month and additional requests to be added to The Wire! email list. So the balanced rock regulator site is working and we all represent cowboy action shooting, not only in Carbon County, but to the world (as referenced by the Aussie visitors we've had to the site -- I love using web stats programs and tracking I.P. numbers), so I'm hoping to launch the second part of the website around the new year. We welcome any suggestions and contributions about/to the site after you look at it. Here is a link to the site.

-=> Our next shoot is Saturday, September 15, 2007 with setup at 8am and the shooting beginning promptly at 9am. We will be shooting 6 scenarios. No shooting hints this time. The shoot will be at Carbon County's new North Springs Shooting Range that has been featured in Shoot! Magazine and the Chronicle as well as TV. Driving directions and a downloadable map to the Cowboy Town are at the bottom of the front page of the Regulators' website. Lunch will be "Standard Potluck", Kitty will be making her Chili, even though she won't be able to make it to the shoot -- that's dedication! If you can't make it to our next shoot, we will be shooting every third Saturday of the month. Our next shoot will be October 20, 2007 -- come on out and see the other side of Cowboy Action Shooting!

-=> The next Officer's/Shoot Planning Meeting is not gonna happen this month -- again. Because of prior commitments, surgical pre-ops, the launching of a internet store, playing Indiana Jones in the desert and the release of Kitty's new book Rails Around Helper, no one can assemble at the same time for a meeting. Even though I'm at fault too, we are going to start organizing in October -- or else I'm going start dipping officers in Gravy Train and feeding them to packs of rabid poodles!

-=> The Trading Post? Barter Town? Thunderdome? I'm still looking for a catchy name. I will be posting notices in the News Office as to club info and club postings. Anyway, one of our new members is looking for a cheap no-frills lever action rifle that he and his wife can buy... must be in .45 Long Colt. And another member has for sale a Cabela's .50 cal Black Powder Hawken Traditional Rifle, NIB $300.00. In the mean time, inquires or information can be sent to The Wire! and I'll forward it on.

-=> We are starting to get noticed in the region and the Balanced Rock Regulators are starting to do more demonstrations and re-enactments! In fact, we've got a big one coming up this month! If you would like to be on the list to demonstrate cowboy action shooting or play a smoky-blank good guy, please send an email so I can add you to the list! Details to the event will appear on the Events Page on the website sometime tomorrow.

-=> Membership to the Balanced Rock Regulators is $24 per year with $8 per month for monthly shoots, and $10 per month for non-Balanced Rock Regulator Members. No $8 fee for the month that you join. Shooters new to the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting get their first two or three scenarios free. Year long memberships start with the month you join and you get a Balanced Rock Regulator ID card (with your picture on it -- either e-mailed to us or taken by Bobcat or Kitty) the following month, thus proving when you paid your membership and that you are a member! You will never experience any of this I joined in November and I'm being hit up again in January for the full amount problem -- your membership card proves that you're a member for a full year. We are awaiting final pricing information from the North Springs Gun Range which will mean a future Balanced Rock Regulator fee increase to cover the fees that they pass on to us, but there's also going to be a way to decrease monthly fees... in short, it's just cheaper and more sane to join now.

Not so much as cast into Hell, but choosing to generally saunter downward to where the company is more interesting...

Bobcat Tepes
Balanced Rock Regulators, LLC Vice President
"Honesty, Ethics, Camaraderie & Spirit of the Game"
(435) 472-6666


I think that I have worked out most of the kinks with the email list (which seem to be a life form of their own), but if you are receiving double copies or you think someone should be added, or you wish to be removed, or are having problems reading Rich Text e-mails, please don't hesitate to contact me. And feel free to forward this email to anyone who you feel would be interested in having a fun time at Cowboy Action Shooting.


Balanced Rock Regulators

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