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The Wire!January 2008...

Subject: The Wire!: Balanced Rock Regulators' January 2008 Newsletter...
Date: Tue, Jan 15, 2008 4:49 pm
To: autosendmaillist <>

From The Wire!

The official newsletter of events and happenings of Carbon County, Utah's Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) chapter.

-=> December 15, 2007... Through frozen targets, a portable heater, and a shortened shoot we survived... sorta. Once again, the ever popular Alfred Packer party of cannibals looked for tasty snacks (additional ambiance came with shin deep snow and a light flurry falling sideways from the sky), banks were robbed, private outhouse time was interrupted and the town lynch mob was welcomed with lead. Bobcat illustrated the most important factor in following the footsteps of Wild Bunch wanna-be "Buckskin Ed"... load your rifle and your pistols before trying to rob a mercantile! A revolver's metallic clicks don't intimidate people much, cause a month's worth of heckling, and in reality, probably would have hurried the river journey to Arizona!

Afterwards, we regrouped at Helper's Balanced Rock Eatery where President & T.G. Dingoman told us about his trip to Sin City for the Territorial Governor's Conference. He regaled us with tales of the SASS T.G. discussions, topics, revolts and revolutions that occurred. Among the topics were the new power factors, shooting class definitions, unsafe ammo loading practices, the future combination of "Traditional" and "Modern" and then dividing that new combined category into age categories and also the Utah War.

No Snow Angels nor Vegas Mafia types were harmed in the production of this shoot. However, Packer's cannibals have filed an official petition that they are being "unnecessarily vilified." To keep the cannibals quiet, we are going to toss them a lawyer or two and a packet of gravy and a bottle of antacid.

-=> New Balanced Rock Regulators' I.D. & Membership Cards! In December we printed and laminated another batch of membership cards, mainly to include new members and those who hadn't had their photos taken yet. This new batch brings the Balanced Rock Regulators to 16 registered and paid members! Not bad for six months! We mailed the cards to a few members and delivered a couple of more... if you haven't received your card yet... email us -- either it's lost in the mail (hopefully not), or to save postage, it'll be waiting at January's shoot. I'll be posting some of the more colorful cards in the frequently asked questions page of the website, so others have an idea of what they look like.

By the way, the cards are so good that several of us have used them as our primary and secondary form of identification in every day life... grocery stores, banks and the government will accept them... which is a different kind of irony.

-=> Our next shoot is Saturday, January 19th, 2008 with setup at 9am and the shooting beginning promptly at 10am. We will be shooting 6 scenarios. The shoot will be at Carbon County's new North Springs Shooting Range that has been featured in Shoot! Magazine and the Chronicle as well as TV. Driving directions and a downloadable map to the Cowboy Town are at the bottom of the front page of the Regulators' website. Lunch will be "Standard Potluck", Kitty will be making Chili and Dingoman will be making Cornbread.... If you can't make it to our next shoot, we will shooting every third Saturday of the month. Our next shoot will be February 16, 2008 -- come on out and see the other side of Cowboy Action Shooting!

-=> The Utah War has moved it's location and date! Months earlier, it is now April 17-19, 2008 and it's being held in St. George by the Dixie Desperadoes. Details and a pdf registration form can be found at the their website! On our next website update, we'll throw in a couple of convenient links.

-=> For now, I'm just calling it the Bulletin Board. I'm still looking for a catchy name. Any suggestions? Right now, I'm posting notices at the bottom of the front page of the website. Anyway, one of our new members is looking for a cheap no-frills lever action rifle that he and his wife can buy... must be in .45 Long Colt. And another member has for sale a Cabela's .50 cal Black Powder Hawken Traditional Rifle, NIB $300.00. In the mean time, inquires or information can be sent to The Wire! and I'll forward it on.

-=> Membership to the Balanced Rock Regulators is $24 per year with $8 per month for monthly shoots, and $10 per month for non-Balanced Rock Regulator Members. No $8 fee for the month that you join. Shooters new to the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting get their first two or three scenarios free. Year long memberships start with the month you join and you get a Balanced Rock Regulator ID card (with your picture on it -- either e-mailed to us or taken by Bobcat or Kitty) usually the following month, thus proving when you paid your membership and that you are a member! You will never experience any of this I joined in November and I'm being hit up again in January for the full amount problem -- your membership card proves that you're a member for a full year. We are awaiting final pricing information from the North Springs Shooting Range which will mean a future Balanced Rock Regulator fee increase to cover the fees that they pass on to us, but there's also going to be a way to decrease monthly fees... in short, it's just cheaper and more sane to join now as we don't charge shooters for range fees that aren't in existence nor finalized yet.

"Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction." -- Old Cowboy Sayin'

Bobcat Tepes
Balanced Rock Regulators, LLC Vice President
"Honesty, Ethics, Camaraderie & Spirit of the Game"
(435) 472-6666


I think that I have worked out most of the kinks with the email list (which seem to be a life form of their own), but if you are receiving double copies or you think someone should be added, or you wish to be removed, or your "infernal machine" is having problems reading Rich Text e-mails, please don't hesitate to contact me. And feel free to forward this email to anyone who you feel would be interested in having a fun time at Cowboy Action Shooting.


Balanced Rock Regulators

50 A Street -Helper, Utah 84526
Phone: 1 (435) 472-6666
-Fax: 472-6667

The Balanced Rock Regulators are an LLC.

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