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The Wire!February 2008...

Subject: The Wire!: Balanced Rock Regulators' February 2008 Newsletter...
Date: Tue, Feb. 12, 2008 8:11 pm
To: autosendmaillist <>

From The Wire!

The official newsletter of events and happenings of Carbon County, Utah's Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) chapter.

Special to this month... the interactive voting issues issue!

-=> January 19, 2007... Rifle barrels filled with snow, portable heaters emptied their gas cannisters, gun carts discovered a need to be equipped with four-wheel drive, firing pins locked, ejector rods launched off of revolvers, targets fell apart in the cold or were frozen solid and good food was had by all.

The now infamous "Alferd Packer Cannibal Train" scenario almost claimed it's first official victim as Bobcat's rifle sights were knocked so far off of center that he almost emptied his cartridge belt using 23 extra rounds to finish the scenario. No... what am I saying???!! Almost everything "non-fleshy" was harmed in the production of this shoot!

-=> A new "Cowboy Action Shooting 101" section on the Balanced Rock Regulator Website. Much to my pleasant surprise, a lot of people are forwarding the The Wire newsletter. Further than I could have even imagined... conservative estimates guess that it is going out to over 500 e-mail addresses. And it is going out to a lot of non-Cowboy Action Shooting people and even non-shooters! I received several notices and questions. One batch was from a group of people who read the newsletter at their lunch (and print up further pages from our website) and discuss The Wire with their co-workers and then have many questions.

The multiple questions that I received were good and thought provoking especially for non-CAS/shooters -- and we don't want to grow beyond or lose touch with potential new members and the general populace. What follows is a partial list... What is a scenario? Why is a timer important? Why is Bobcat obsessed with cannibals? How do you pick your name? How do you know someone else doesn't have that name? What is a lever action rifle? What is a carbine? What is a shotgun wad? What is a single action rifle/revolver? What is a double action revolver? What is a mule-earred shotgun? What qualifies as a cowboy outfit? What's in cowboy ammo that makes it different? Could you make your rates and fees more clearer and definitive? (See further down in this newsletter for the Rate/Fee question.)

I could go on listing the 20-something questions, but you get the idea. It became obvious that this was a little more detailed than what's currently available on our Frequently Asked Questions page... so Kitty and I decided to put together a page on the Regulators' website called "CAS 101" that answers all of these questions and more. So please don't be shy... THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS! Send us your questions and we hope to get the page written and on our site by March. And then hopefully, we'll see you at the range!

-=> A new name for The Wire newsletter? Last month, I asked for name suggestions for the "Bulletin Board." What surprised me is that I received a bunch of suggestions to rename this newsletter! One reader went so far as to say "The internet is a modern day telegraph system and that 'The Wire' (internet) is what delivers the newsletter, the Balanced Rock Regulators' newsletter needs a catchy and recognizable name!"

After removing suggestions that were obvious shots at other SASS groups, we have 18 good suggestions. I'm going to keep the "renaming the newsletter" option open for more readers to voice their opinions and name suggestions and with next month's issue we'll unveil the new name and and I might even have time to do a header graphic for the newsletter.

-=> Winter: The .22LR Rifle option - another reader vote. During the last shoot, Stargazer suggested that during the winter months we allow people to optionally shoot .22LR rifles so that the brass collectors aren't freezing their fingers into a non-functioning status digging through a foot-and-a-half of snow. This was suggested as "optional" and not "mandatory" -- if shooters want to, they can continue to shoot their cowboy weapons. Stargazer started members of IPSC using .22LRs in the winter with success. A Regulators' test was run in the last scenarios (including the "Cannibal" scenario) and the targets rung at distance and the timer picked up the shots -- so those aren't problems/issues.

This suggestion threw the Balanced Rock Regulators' Board into a debate, a stalemate and even a quagmire. On the "con" winter .22LR rifle side - it was felt that it detracted from the "cowboy feel" of a CAS shoot relegating it to "mere target practice," SASS corporate might object and that a .22LR wouldn't knock the paddles off of the Texas Star. On the "pro" winter .22LR rifle side - the debate is that we don't freeze fingers and knees recovering all brass, we don't feel bad if we loose large quantities of brass again, we already allow newer members who are still getting together a cowboy gun collection or have special needs to shoot their .22LRs, and both barrels of a shotgun at 10 feet didn't remove the frozen paddles from the Texas Star.

So we're throwing it out to both the members and readers... what is your opinion on this issue? Pro or Con .22LR winter Rifle usage and why?

-=> Our next shoot is Saturday, February 16th, 2008 with setup at 9am and the shooting beginning promptly at 10am. We will be shooting 5-6 scenarios (depending on range conditions). The shoot will be at Carbon County's new North Springs Shooting Range that has been featured in Shoot! Magazine and the Chronicle as well as TV. Driving directions and a downloadable map to the Cowboy Town are at the bottom of the front page of the Regulators' website. Lunch will be "Standard Potluck", none of the cooks have any current idea other than "something warm and comforting".... If you can't make it to our next shoot, we will shooting every third Saturday of the month. Our next shoot will be March 15th, 2008 -- come on out and see the other side of Cowboy Action Shooting!

-=> The Utah War has moved it's location and date! Months earlier, The Utah War is now April 17-19, 2008 and it's being held in St. George by the Dixie Desperadoes. Details and a Utah War pdf registration form can be found at the their website! There are also a couple of convenient links on our website.

-=> For now, I'll just call it the "Notice Post." Additional posted notices are at the bottom of the front page of the website. One of our new members is looking for a cheap no-frills lever action carbine/rifle that he and his wife can buy... must be in .45 Long Colt. And another member has for sale a Cabela's .50 cal Black Powder Hawken Traditional Rifle, NIB $300.00. In the mean time, inquiries or information can be sent to The Wire! and I'll forward it on.

-=> Membership and Fees to the Balanced Rock Regulators -- Individual Annual Memberships are $24 per year with no $8 fee for the month that you join. Family/Household Annual memberships are $42 per year with no $8 fees for the month that you join. Year long memberships start with the month you join and you get a Balanced Rock Regulator ID card (with your picture on it -- either e-mailed to us or taken by Bobcat or Kitty) usually the following month, thus proving when you paid your membership and that you are a member! You will never experience any of this I joined in November and I'm being hit up again in January for the full amount problem -- your membership card proves that you're a member for a full year. Balanced Rock Regulators' membership cards examples can be found on our website's F.A.Q.s page. Monthly shoot fees are $12 for members, $14 for non-members and $8 for Juniors. These prices include the $4 per shooter North Springs Shooting Range Admission Fees -- this $4 fee does NOT apply if you are already a paid member of the North Springs Shooting Range. Shooters new to the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting get their first two or three scenarios free.

We are still awaiting final pricing information from the North Springs Shooting Range which will mean a future Balanced Rock Regulator fee increase to cover the monthly fluctuating fees that the North Springs Shooting Range passes on to us... in short, it's just cheaper and more sane to join now as we don't charge shooters for range fees that aren't in existence nor finalized yet.

"Diplomacy is the art of saying 'nice doggie' until you can find a rock." -- Will Rogers.

Bobcat Tepes
Balanced Rock Regulators, LLC Vice President
"Honesty, Ethics, Camaraderie & Spirit of the Game"
(435) 472-6666


I think that I have worked out most of the kinks with the email list (which seem to be a life form of their own), but if you are receiving double copies or you think someone should be added, or you wish to be removed, or your "infernal machine" is having problems reading Rich Text e-mails, please don't hesitate to contact me. And feel free to forward this email to anyone who you feel would be interested in having a fun time at Cowboy Action Shooting.


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