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The Wire!March 2008...

Subject: The Wire!: Balanced Rock Regulators' March 2008 Newsletter...
Date: Wed, March 12, 2008 11:57 pm
To: autosendmaillist <>

From The Wire!

The official newsletter of events and happenings of Carbon County, Utah's Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) chapter.

Special to this month... the return to Cowboy Action Shooting's roots at FOUR MILE HILL!

-=> On February 15, 2008, the Balanced Rock Regulators called the North Springs Shooting Range to inform them that as it was third weekend we were going to come out as per our agreement for our shoot on February 16, 2008.

In the call, we voiced several safety, operational and bias issues and reminded them of an accident at last month's shoot due to the Cowboy Town boardwalk's being partially covered with deep snow and ice. In return, the rangemaster kept interrupting and stated that we were nitpicking and that he didn't care to hear what we had to say and that we could clean the range ourselves. Then the call further escalated which I then ended.

Afterwards, the rangemaster first declared the Balanced Rock Regulators banned from the North Springs Shooting Range and then later just the Group's Officers of Bobcat and Kitty... all allegedly with Commissioner Burge's support and that we had to beg the Commissioners for permission to enter a range that charges admission and was built and funded with government, tax and tourism monies. SueAnn Martell and myself, Darrin Teply, then received multiple phone calls at our work from interested parties, that bluntly, we still have no idea who they all are! Yes, a month later we are still receiving questions from interested parties... and the "certified official letter" that was supposed to arrive stating the rangemasters' opinion and our "status" still hasn't arrived a month later.

In short, we verbally disagreed with the rangemaster over the phone, we committed no safety violations nor damaged/vandalized the range and then with less than 24 hours notice of a shoot we were banned... so much for the First and Second Amendments! Thus, we can only assume that the Balanced Rock Regulators were being chased off of a County facility by the rangemaster.

So on February 16, 2008, instead we had a meeting of members and interested parties in Helper to discuss the situation and we had our potluck lunch there. Opinions ran the gamut to see how far the rangemaster is going to continue to carry this situation, to searching for another shooting venue, to Heritage Week performances and the future of range demonstrations. In the following weeks we have been finding out about further allegations of the rangemaster's bias against the Balanced Rock Regulators and receiving other's (mostly by chance) complaints about the range.

Further, the whole situation screwed up a surprise visit by people from Colorado that wanted to see the county's "flagship of tourism" (the North Springs Shooting Range) and shoot with the Balanced Rock Regulators and then see a Helper building that they wanted to invest in! We can't even express the incredibly bad image for Carbon County that was presented.

One of our members went out to the range that Saturday to see what was happening and to catch CAS shooters out there and fill them in on what was happening. Instead, he found a member of the other CAS group shoveling the roofs of the Cowboy Town's buildings... and that was it... so instead of 13 shooters (most of which were now meeting in Helper) the range had two people on a holiday weekend.

The main thing that we learned from Saturday, February 16th's meeting is that without the range, we can still get together as a group, have fun and not be harassed, nor be stressed and still pick up 3 NEW paying members... however, hearing the North Springs Shooting Range's follies is not a good image for first timers. Another nice surprise was one of our new members brought some of her beautiful pistols for me to identify and okay for CAS and personal use.

Speaking (Kitty and Bobcat) as published tourism, tourism venue management experts and business professionals with more than 30 years of combined experience, the North Springs Shooting Range is being terribly underutilized and suffering from poor visitation and even poorer, biased management.

Thanks to Commissioner Milovich for taking the time to work out this situation.

No targets were harmed in the production of this non-shoot and the County's reputation suffered from a metaphorical "black eye."

-=> Last issues' interactive results:

Yes, we received many more questions about Cowboy Action Shooting which will appear on the "CAS 101" page... as soon as Bobcat has time to put it together... so keep those questions coming!

A new name for The Wire! Newsletter... with the current change in shooting location we decided that it'd be better to keep the name this month as it's "name recognizable."

The .22LR question was answered positively when people started calling on cell phones last month from Wal-Mart's sporting goods section wanting to know which brand to buy or producing boxes at the meeting in Helper.

-=> Our next shoot is Saturday, March 15th, 2008 with setup at 9am and the shooting beginning promptly at 10am. We will be shooting 5-6 scenarios (depending on range conditions). PLEASE NOTE: Due to increased problems with the North Springs Shooting Range WE WILL BE USING THE OLD RANGE AT FOUR MILE HILL with Commissioner Milovich's blessing. Don Burge (Stargazer) has stated that this will be a return to CAS' origins in Carbon County as we will be using a hodgepodge of paper, cardboard, milk jugs and metal targets set out at safe distance. Bring camp chairs and tables. Location directions will be posted at the bottom of our website's front page. Lunch will be "Standard Potluck." If you can't make it to our next shoot, we will shooting every third Saturday of the month. Our next shoot will be April 19, 2008 -- come on out and really see the other side of Cowboy Action Shooting!

-=> The Utah War has moved it's location and date! Months earlier, The Utah War is now April 17-19, 2008 and it's being held in St. George by the Dixie Desperadoes. Details and a Utah War pdf registration form can be found at the their website! There are also a couple of convenient links on our website.

-=> The Notice Post -- Additional posted notices are at the bottom of the front page of the website. One of our new members is looking for a cheap no-frills lever action carbine/rifle that he and his wife can buy... must be in .45 Long Colt. And another member has for sale a Cabela's .50 cal Black Powder Hawken Traditional Rifle, NIB $300.00. New for sale: a pair of batwing chaps for $100. Captain Tim says that he'll modify them to fit all heights of Cowboys and Cowgirls. In the mean time, inquiries or information can be sent to The Wire! and I'll forward it on.

-=> Membership and Fees to the Balanced Rock Regulators -- Individual Annual Memberships are $24 per year with no $8 fee for the month that you join. There is an additional $2 fee for non-members. Family/Household Annual memberships are $42 per year with no $8 fees for the month that you join. Year long memberships start with the month you join and you get a Balanced Rock Regulator ID card (with your picture on it -- either e-mailed to us or taken by Bobcat or Kitty) usually the following month, thus proving when you paid your membership and that you are a member! You will never experience any of this I joined in November and I'm being hit up again in January for the full amount problem -- your membership card proves that you're a member for a full year. Balanced Rock Regulators' membership cards examples can be found on our website's F.A.Q.s page. Fees cover Balanced Rock Regulator insurance, registrations, props, targets, projects and future shoots. Because we are using the Old Four Mile Hill Range there is no additional $4-$5 variable site fee! Shooters new to the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting get their first two or three scenarios free.

"A Fool's Paradise is a Wise Man's Hell" -- Dr. Daniel Jackson, Anthropologist.

Bobcat Tepes
Balanced Rock Regulators, LLC Vice President
"Honesty, Ethics, Camaraderie & Spirit of the Game"
(435) 472-6666


I think that I have worked out most of the kinks with the email list (which seem to be a life form of their own), but if you are receiving double copies or you think someone should be added, or you wish to be removed, or your "infernal machine" is having problems reading Rich Text e-mails, please don't hesitate to contact me. And feel free to forward this email to anyone who you feel would be interested in having a fun time at Cowboy Action Shooting.


Balanced Rock Regulators

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