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The Wire!May & June 2008...

Subject: The Wire!: Balanced Rock Regulators' May & June 2008 Newsletter...
Date: June 19, 2008 12:10 pm
To: autosendmaillist <>

From The Wire!

The official newsletter of events and happenings of Carbon County, Utah's Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) chapter.

Special to this month... Lead, smoke and velvet gloves....

-=> On Saturday, April 19th, 2008, we were back at the North Springs Shooting Range with new members in attendance. Cannibals, lynch mobs, snakes threatened and weasels demanded money while lead was dispensed all while we dodged other shooters to the tune of a lone howling and yipping coyote.

Some amazing things happened, one was Morfillitus Johnsons' launching of a garden hose serpent through the uprights of the Texas Star where it landed half way up the back berm of the bay and a new legend forming of the shy "Machine Gun Francesca." Our youngest shooter John Wester (at the age of 7) dispatched the garden hose snake and then proudly waived his shot riddled trophy around... I'm betting that it's in a place of honor in his house... like over the fireplace mantle! No metal targets were harmed in the production of this shoot, and the coyote was offered a singing contract from a music label...

Despite a positive public meeting with the Commissioners, in less than 48 hours after the meeting not much had changed... including the iron fisted games that we have been suffering through as individuals and as a group. The final hassle for us was the Regulators having to pay $100 (plus shooters' fees) to reserve the North Springs Shooting Range and then having to work around other walk-on parties who were shooting on the Cowboy Range... some using para-military weapons and then weeks later being threatened with multiple B.S. penalty fees thrown at us by the rangemaster.

-=> Heritage Week 2008 and smoky blank re-enactments. During the Helper Museum's Heritage Week (June 2-7, 2008) we had at least 8 re-enactors (depending on the day) and made a lot of smoke and even more bad one-liners. The Heritage Week events had return people from afar -- San Diego, Las Vegas, Wyoming and Colorado and even people who traveled from Maryland just for Heritage Week! We made such an impression to the visitors and spectators that we had people asking how to join the Balanced Rock Regulators and/or SASS. Throughout the week there were a little over 800 visitors. Then the ultimate "pat-on-the-back" was that we had inquiries about the possibility of the Balanced Rock Regulators performing in Wyoming next year!

We have a couple of more smoky blank re-enactments scheduled for this summer. We are working on expanding our skit rehearsals, safety meetings and smoky blank orders... it is nice to be recognized for going beyond the unoriginal and dreaded "you shot my man" *bang,* *bang* walk off stage skit that is done in less than 30 seconds! Some of the new skits went on for 10 minutes (or longer as we started to ham it up), and were well received by spectators and regional media. Photos will be eventually posted on our site as well as

Remember, our insurance does cover smoky-blank re-enactments too, but as Hollywood smoky-blanks can still be dangerous, we will be working with Bobcat and Kitty's safety rules and we will not allow walk-ons! If you want to join in, make a lot of noise and relive the Old-ish West, contact Bobcat or Kitty and we'll let you know where rehearsals and performances will be happening.

-=> Our next shoot will be Saturday, June 21st, 2008 with setup at 8am and the shooting beginning promptly at 9am. We will be shooting 5 scenarios. We will be at the Pinnacle Peak Black Powder Range using a collection of steel, paper and plastic targets. Detailed driving directions to this new (to us) range will be posted at the bottom of our website's front page. Lunch will be "Standard Potluck." Please be aware that this is a primitive range out in the desert; so please bring water, tables, chairs, sun cover and lightweight cowboy clothing if you need it.

Hopefully, as we are going out into the desert and we will not be dealing with the ongoing North Springs Shooting Range Soap Opera, we will be guaranteed to be able shoot every third Saturday of the month. Please come on out to the Pinnacle Peak Black Powder Range, even if you're there for just a few minutes or want to know more about Cowboy Action Shooting. Our next shoot will be July 19, 2008 -- come on out and really see the other side of Cowboy Action Shooting!

-=> The "Notice Post." Additional posted notices are at the bottom of the front page of the website. One of our new members is looking for a cheap no-frills lever action carbine/rifle that he and his wife can buy... must be in .45 Long Colt. New for sale: a pair of batwing chaps for $100, Captain Tim says that he'll modify them to fit all heights of Cowboys and Cowgirls. New members are looking for reasonably-priced working non-frilly guns in .22, .38/.357 and SxS 12 gauge. Member looking for used wood non-broken Ruger Blackhawk grips (don't need medallion) for about $18 each. In the mean time, inquiries, photos and/or information can be sent to The Wire! and I'll forward it on.

-=> Membership and Fees to the Balanced Rock Regulators -- Individual Annual Memberships are $24 per year with no $8 fee for the month that you join. Family/Household Annual memberships are $42 per year with no $8 fees for the month that you join. Year long memberships start with the month you join and you get a Balanced Rock Regulator ID card (with your picture on it -- either e-mailed to us or taken by Bobcat or Kitty) usually the following month, thus proving when you paid your membership and that you are a member! You will never experience any of this I joined in November and I'm being hit up again in January for the full amount problem -- your membership card proves that you're a member for a full year. Examples of the Regulators' membership cards can be found on our website's F.A.Q.s page. Fees cover Balanced Rock Regulator insurance, registrations, props, targets, projects and future shoots.

Shooters new to the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting get their first two or three scenarios free.


"When injustice becomes law, then resistance becomes duty." -- Unknown.

Bobcat Tepes
Balanced Rock Regulators, LLC Vice President
"Honesty, Ethics, Camaraderie & Spirit of the Game"
(435) 472-6666


I think that I have worked out most of the kinks with the email list (which seem to be a life form of their own), but if you are receiving double copies or you think someone should be added, or you wish to be removed, or your "infernal machine" is having problems reading Rich Text e-mails, please don't hesitate to contact me. And feel free to forward this email to anyone who you feel would be interested in having a fun time at Cowboy Action Shooting.


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